About Me

Hi, I’m Raechel Johnson.

I am a 48yr old Wife, Mother and Memaw, who is on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. God has led me on a path to share and help others on their journey to find the perfect healthy lifestyle for them.

When I turned 46 my life and health were out of control. Years and years of stress running my own accounting business and raising a family finally took its toll. Depression, serious weight gain, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, high cholesterol, an auto immune disease and bad eating habits finally grabbed me and were taking over.

I joined an amazing health and wellness company that turned my entire life around. The weight came off, the depression disappeared, cholesterol started to go down and I was gaining control of the auto immune disease. But it wasn’t enough, I needed to change my eating and fitness program.

This March 2018 I began the addition of adding a Keto diet to my health journey. The results have been amazing. I look forward to sharing with you what great supplements, a healthy diet and good fitness can do to change your health and help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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